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Light Language Session

 This private Light Language session is designed for those seeking answers  with personal/spiritual help and development.

Working  at the Soul Level we assist you with Clarity, Creative solutions, Healing, and Divine guidance.   

Channeled Transmissions are designed to Empower, Heal, and Educate you.  

Assisting you in becoming the Master of your life. 


Light Language Trinity Sessions

Trinity sessions are a series of three, channeled Transmissions. This is a deep dive into your Soul's pathway where  we explore your gifts, challenges, and Missions. Offering profound Healing, Acceleration, and Transformation. Align with Source to 

unlock your full potential and bring your visions into fruition.


Light Language Group Sessions

 Coming together within an intimate group setting is a profound and powerful shared experience.  Within the group we set the intention of Healing on the Soul level. Channeled messages, downloads, upgrades, and activations are transmitted, Releasing distortions and raising  vibrations individually and collectively as one unified consciousness.

Light Language Estate Clearing

Estate Clearings are the removal of discordant energies, entities, and attachments effecting  Estates/Homes, Businesses, and
properties. Clearings are unique  and are based on what is required.  Contact for more details and pricing.
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