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Light Language Group Sessions

This Light Language session is group oriented. It is an intended opportunity for likeminded individuals. With the birthing of new frequencies and elevation of Consciousness we now walk an accelerated path.
At times it can feel overwhelming, with constant energy shifts and downloads. Leaving individuals
feeling lost and confused, with what their experiencing in their current environment.

All have chosen to incarnate during this point of Ascension. For the opportunity of becoming multidimensional Divine Beings in Form. To transmute negative aspects, repetitive patterns, and separation consciousness. To live from and embody wholeness, to reconnect with Source,
to elevate and evolve.

Within these Sacred gatherings, awareness is brought forth both individually, and collectively. Offering healing in various forms, awareness, and remembrance of your Divine connections.
Through channeled transmissions Source and the Divine Light Beings offer wisdom, guidance, light skills, and insights for accelerated growth. Enabling you to realize your value and worth by understanding the Universal principles.
This group session is a shared opportunity for inner exploration, alignment, discovering and
uncovering your potentials. Opening gateways for acceleration and healing as we receive,
integrate, and assimilate Divine Light Codes.

 Within the presence of the session there is discussion of intentions, channeled messages, guided meditation, and Light skills/techniques. Light Language Transmission, downloads, and upgrades followed by Q&A.
Coming together within an intimate group setting is a profound and powerful shared experience. There is no requirement, only an openness to receive. Each session is experiential and unique, depending on the group needs and that of the individual Soul. With everyone receiving exactly what is meant in the space of Divine belonging and oneness.
This Light Language private group session is limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 individuals. Sessions are two hours in length. In person or via Zoom (EST.) 
Each participant receives a recording of the session. 

  Light Language group sessions
      150.00 per participant
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