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The First Language

Light Language is the Divine Language of God, Creator, Source. A Sacred Language composed of Ancient Symbols that vary, based on Frequencies. Embedded within these symbols are complex Quantum Codes of Light. A single Light code contains multiple units of Divine Consciousness, with some forms holding  a hundred thousand or more units. Light Codes are embedded information in the form of  Colors, Frequencies, Mathematical equations,  Sacred Geometry,  Sine waves, and Harmonics. 

Even though the Light codes are complex they are also incredibly simple. In the way a tiny computer chip holds as immense amount of information. As an interdimensional Language, it is delivered through DNA, telepathy, imprints, visions, and direct knowing. Light Language enables one to receive and assimilate knowledge and wisdom in whole.

 No matter the form it takes, it is received at the cellular and molecular level. When used for the purpose of healing, the Light codes integrate within the DNA, Blueprints, and Templates. Transmuting, and transforming the old coding.  It is "The Gift That Keeps Giving." Meaning each time you engage with Light Language, you experience a new level of consciousness. 

Light Language may be signed, spoken, sung, toned, or written. When Channeling, various dialects come forth, such as Galactic races, Angelic/ Enochian, Elementals, Elven/fairy, as well as Ancient Atlantean, Egyptian, and Lemurian. It is experiential, each person perceives it differently, as it resonates within you at the Soul level. Creating profound changes as Light codes realign, attune, and become activated.

Timelines and trajectories can also be shifted to accelerate one’s journey. Light Language represents infinite possibilities for humanity. Helping us to manifest new realities and expanding the way we communicate.

What was lost and hidden is now being reborn in ways humanity cannot comprehend. As it was spoken in our Ancient past, so will it become our Future. It is our Birthright, our Inheritance, as we evolve and reconnect as Beings of Light.
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