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Trinity Light Language                      Sessions

These Light Language sessions are a popular series of Three Transmissions. Trinity sessions are designed for lightworkers, empaths, coaches, counselors, teachers, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and seekers who are interested in accelerating and shifting their trajectories. An open invitation to restructure and align multidimensionally, accessing and actualizing higher Levels of Consciousness.
We deep dive into your inner planes bringing forth awareness to areas of your life that are asking to be illuminated. Within this spiral of Ascension your Soul is craving evolution, and transformation. Many are seeking answers without recognizing the questions, they just have this feeling of being driven to change. A sense of urgency of mission, yet at the same time directionless.
We came to this planet to be pioneers of vibrational change, to be the Light for others. Those rapidly awakening find their world feels different, and unrelatable. Awakening to new experiences, leaves many searching for answers and validation that cannot be found within the lower realms.


Spiritually mature individuals may find themselves at a plateau seeking advanced development. Recognizing they have outgrown their current modalities and are looking to Level up. Or wishing to add assets to existing ones. Many are feeling the nudge to birth something new but are working from an old operating systems that needs to evolve.
Whatever stage you find yourself, Trinity sessions offer a unique in depth look at your life, your Soul, your mission. Transmitting channeled messages of Guidance, Light skills, and Divine teachings. Each session builds on the previous one. Dissolving and removing discordant energies, while transmitting, and downloading  Source codes.
There are infinite ways to transmute and transform old programming through Quantum Consciousness. The A-team and I utilize Light Codes, Tablets, Crystal chambers, Master Crystals and Master Keys to recalibrate, and awaken dormant codes.
Those seeking empowered Mastery, may receive attunements, initiations, templates, or sacred geometric patterns. Trajectories  are  often  shifted  and  accelerated.  Origins,  and  members  of
your Star families may come forth to reconnect as well as Planetary and Star system codes  transmitted.
Regardless of where you are, Trinity sessions offer a Divine metaphysical education. Opening you to limitless possibilities and creative solutions at the practical, and Soul Level. Raising your frequencies deepens your connection to Source and Unity consciousness.
All receive exactly what they are meant too, aligning to their natural state of being, of Love and Abundance. The team and I are here to support your spiritual awakenings by helping you recognize your value, your self-worth, and Limitless power you hold. Unlocking and revealing what is hidden within your Cosmic Consciousness. Enabling you to rewrite your story with Divine inspiration and wisdom.
 Trinity Light Language Sessions
   Three,  two hour private sessions, one per month.
Via Zoom (recorded) or phone

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