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Light Language

Awakening Ageless Wisdom
About Betty
                   About Bett
Heading 3AAAAA
             About Betty
Betty is  a  Divine  Light  Language  Channeler.  Facilitator, claircognizant, empath, extractor, healer, Sacred scribe, and Spiritual Teacher.

Light Language Services

All services are Light coded. 
Awakening  and restructuring  the Divine Blueprint  within you.  Raising the Level   of  Consciousness, creating  profound changes as you become realigned, attuned and activated.

What clients are saying

Betty has cleared multiple new homes for our extended family over the years. We had problems in our first home and didn't know what to do. We were lucky enough to find her through a friend. She has always been reassuring and professional. I have always been amazed at her abilities to remove spirits that didn't belong. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always taking care of us. 



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