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Blue Rose Light Language Initiation

This Light Language Audio is an Introduction to the Blue Rose Light Codes and Template. These Codes originated from Venus and were gifted to Atlantis and Lemuria. Where they were shared within communities of Light. Archangel Metatron along with the various Councils have now brought forth an upgraded format for our current time of Ascension.
The Sisters and Brothers of Light acknowledge and honor those who have raised their vibrations to a sufficient level to now receive the Blue Rose Codes. 

This audio includes background information on the keepers of the Blue Rose, Grandmother Anna,Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.
What the Blue Rose Light Codes, and Template represent.
How Sacred Geometry shifts our Merkaba, and our reality.
The connection between the Tablet of Love in Action and the Blue Rose.
Light Language Transmission, Alignment, and Attunement. 
Activation of Light Codes, Templates, and Tablet of Love in action into Higher Consciousness.
Initiation Ceremony.
This audio is recommended for Counselors, Empaths, Healers, Teachers, Lightworkers, Seekers, Starseeds, Walk-ins, and Wayshowers.
MP4 Audio
Duration 1:08 minutes

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Light Language Foundational Meditation
for Grounding, Cleansing and Protection

This Light Language meditation is essential knowledge at this time. Foundations are necessary on which Mastery is built. This audio will guide you through grounding and connecting to Earth and Heaven, Cleansing of your chakras, subtle bodies, and negative emotions, using the Crystalline Solar Violet Fire. Daily protection using Sacred Geometry, and Light Language Transmission to anchor these practices.


When practiced on a daily basis you will feel connected, stabilized, peaceful, an energetic lightness, and clarity as you raise your vibratory signature. Once you have learned this practice, you will come to find what a valuable Light skill it is and welcome its Wisdom.

 MP -3 Audio,  Duration 21 min. 29sec. 



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Light Language Smudge Spray

Light Language Smudge Spray is embedded and infused with Divine Light Codes. This spray came into creation, when I found myself on jobs where burning sage was not an option. Each bottle is Handcrafted with Premium oils.

Infused with Light Codes for Protection, Purification, Abundance, Blessings, Balance, Clarity, Harmony, Manifesting, Peace, Love, and much more.  Excellent for home, business, personal, workspace, cars,

objects and meditation spaces. Clients have dubbed it "Happy Spray" and I have heard many magical stories. Be creative, set your intention, spray and enjoy!!!

4oz BPA Free. 36.00 per bottle plus shipping (priority)

Buy 3 bottles, includes free shipping U.S.

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